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Born in Badalona (Catalonia, Spain). Guitar player, composer, arranger, music producer.

Self-taught musician. He is known in the international scene for his esthetical flexibility that covers styles as unalike as gypsy jazz, free jazz, Avantgarde, jazz fusion, Bebop and, in classical music, contemporary and electroacoustic music, mostly XX century styles.

Currently, his work as a composer exceeds the amount of 1000 registered compositions at the SGAE, (Sociedad General de Autores de España) among Jazz music and classical music.

He is also currently active as a music producer, with his own recording studio and as a consultant-engraver for music publishing companies, schools, etc.

Musicians played with:
John Engels, Arjen Gorter, Han Bennink, Dave Douglas, Tom Cora, Niko Langenhuisen, Evan Tate, Lou Donaldson, Jordi Rossy, Mario Rossy, Perico Sambeat, Sean Bergin, Jeff Ballard, Marc Miralta, Ben Allison, Bill Gerhardt, Joe Malinga, Joe Gallivan, Roberto Lecaros, Mario Lecaros, Jordi Gardeñas, Albert Bover, Salvador Font, Fay Victor, Carla Cook, David Xirgu, Alex Coke, Marc Mommass, Martin Van Duijhoven, Tristan Honsingen, Clare Foster, Ray Appleton, Clarence Becton, Joris Teepe, Jos Machtel, John Stowell, David Valdez, Rich Harney, Chris Maresh, Chris Searles, Dave Liebman, Lonnie Smith, Walter Lampe, Remy Alvarez, Louis Phelan, Rodrigo Castelan, Gustavo Nandayapa, Joe Romano, David Goldblatt, Ken Basman, Lou Bennet, J.M. Farras, Adria Font, Benjamin Leon, Dave Captain, Robin Nolan, Gonzalo Bergara, Jimmmy Rosenberg, Bruce Adams, Big John Patton and many others...

  • In 1989 his first LP "Coincidencias" was nominated for best album of the year by Nacional-Radio 4 en España being probably one of the jazz albums more broadcasted by radio in Catalonia (twice daily for 2 years). 
  • In Spring 1992, records with Bill Gerhardt Quartet his first CD “Metanoic” in Hilversum (The Netherlands). This album was selected best record of the month and one of the top 12 of the year by the JAZZ SOUTH ART FEDERATION (USA). It was broadcasted all around the U.S.A. 
  • His second CD, "Particular Vernacular", was recorded during February 1994 in New York City with his partner Bill Gerhardt on the piano and invited artists invitados like Jeff Ballard, drums, Ben Allison, Dave Douglas, trumpet and Dave Liebman, sax.
  • En el año 2000 viaja a México donde es invitado al estreno mundial de su "Cuarteto nº 2" para cuarteto de cuerdas, por el cuarteto Ciudad de México.
  • In 2006 he wasdedicated chapter on John Engel ’Uncommon Sound", the ultimate book about left handed guitarists that change the music, along with standing artists like: Albert King, Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney. The book highlights him as one of the most relevant left handed guitarists of all guitar history. http://www.uncommon-­‐
  • In 2008 appears in two of the most important Gypsy Jazz festivals in USA: San Francisco DjangoFest and Los Angeles Djangofest.
  • In 2009 there is a World premiere of his composition "Triunphant" in the Palacio de Congresos in Jaca, Huesca, Spain, during the International Mathematical Conference "LIBGOBER" (Topology of Algebraic Varieties).
  • In 2011 is invited as a soloist with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Puebla, contributing original arrangements and conducting the orchestra along with the Oaxaca Big Band in 2 concerts in Puebla, Mexico.
  • In 2012 records the show “Fusió i swing a l ‘estudi” on Catalan Television (TV3) with his Pere Soto Gypy Project. (
  • In 2013, important concert in the top European jazz event BIM-HUIS in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  •  In 2014, he has a part in the movie “The Jump! WTF experience” by Carme Puche.
  • In 2015, in addition to several concerts in Oaxaca and other Mexican cities, plays at the III Jamboree Jazz Club Festival presenting “Pere Soto amb amics, (homage to master Gabriel Rosales)”.
  • In 2016 Concert at Lunario (Auditorio Nacional) of Mexico city and Concerto-movie production Pere @ Soto at the Mogor (Ensenada, México)
  • In 2017, 5 songs on the soundtrack of the movie Honduras-USA "Un Lugar en el Caribe"

For a complete list of his works as a composer, go to

For more information on his Gypsy Trio, go to

Selected Discography

to obtain my music on

Un lugar en el Caribe

Here are the links you can get them; Mediterranean Bolero, Minor Rumba, Lulu, Encrypted Love, Bolero para Arely.


Pere Soto trio

2019 Pere Soto


Pere Soto

2019 Pere Soto





Pere Soto & Josep Traver

2017 Pere Soto & Josep Traver


Patricia Teles & Pere Soto

2017 Patricia Teles & Pere Soto

Standards in San Miguel de Allende

Pere Soto & Ken Basman

2016 Pere Soto & Ken Basman

Pere Soto & Pep Lluis Guardiola Fusió

Pere Soto & Pep Lluis Guardiola

2016 Pere Soto & Pep Lluis Guardiola Fusió

Galaxian Swinger

Pere Soto

2016 Pere Soto Galaxian Swinger

Pere Soto Amb Amics

Pere Soto

2014 Pere Soto Amb Amics 2014

Tres mamuts a Liliput

Django's Castle

2011 Django's Castle 3 mamuts a Liliput


Remi Alvarez & Pere Soto

2010 Remi Alvarez & Pere Soto Remisotopos

Duets Manouche

Pere Soto & Josep Traver

2010 Pere Soto & Josep Traver Duets Manouche (Thanks Django)

Swing Gitane

Django's Castle

2007 Django's Castle  Swing Gitane


David Valdez & Pere Soto

2007 Pere Soto & David Valdez

Caliquenyo del Califa

Django's Castle

2004 Caliquenyo del Califa

Blue Drag

Django's Castle

2004 Blue Drag

Prisoners of Love

Django's Castle

2002 Django's Castle  Prisoners of Love


Django's Castle

2001 Nuages

Particular Vernacular

Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet

1994 Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet Particular Vernacular


Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet

1992 Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet Metanoic

Cosmic Goulash

Cosmic Goulash

1992 Cosmic Goulash


Pere Soto Grup

1989 Pere Soto Grup Coincidencies

  • Pere Soto Jazz Group (DLR 713-­‐C La Raiz prd.)
  • Pere Soto Grup  "Coincidencias" (1989 -­‐   LP BM-­‐002 Berman Int.)
  • Pere  Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet "Metanoic" ( 1992 -­‐   CD 85012-­‐2  Riff)
  • Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet "Particular Venacular" (Planet  X New York)
  • Django's Castle "Nuages" (2001 -­‐ Satchmo)
  • Django's  Castle "Prisoners of Love" (2002 -­‐ Imagen)
  • Pere Soto & Django's  Castle "El Caliqueño del Califa" (Taller de músics 2004)
  • Django's  Castle "Blue Drag" (Satchmo 2006)
  • Pere Soto & Django's Castle "Swing Gitane" (Blau records 2007)
  • Pere Soto & David Valdez "Oasis" (Diatic records 2009) (USA)
  •  Pere Soto & Remi Alvarez “Remisotopos”   (Intolerancia records (2009) México
  • Pere Soto & Josep Traver “Duets manouche" (2010) self edition
  • Django’s Castle with Bruce Adams “Swing Hotel du Vin” (Big Bear Records 2010) England
  • Pere Soto & Django's  Castle "3 mamuts a Liliput" (2011)
  • Cosmic Goulash  Discordian records (2014) 
  • Pere Soto amb amics Arts Harmonica  (2014)
  • Pere Soto & Galaxian Swingers  (only digital format 2016)
  • Pere Soto & Pep lluís Guardiola Fusió  Arts Harmonica (2016)
  • Pere Soto & Ken Basman Standards in San Miguel de Allende  (only digital format 2016)
  • Patricia Teles & Pere Soto "Natural" (only digital format 2017)
  • Pere Soto & Josep Traver "STILL HERE" Temps RECORD (2017)
  • Pere Soto - Walter Lampe - Arjen Gorter - Alex Coke - George Hadow "CHAMBER" (only digital format 2017)
  • Pere Soto"BALLADS" only digital format (2019)
  • Pere Soto trio"Sailing" (2019)

  • Vania  Nazaré "Brasileira-­‐mente" (1996 -­‐   CD 001 Sabam) Brasil
  • Fay Victor "In My Own Room" (1998 Timeless Records CD SJP446) Holland
  • Alex Coke,  “Wake Up Dead Man” (2004) USA
  • Django Festival 3, Hot Club Records 2004 (HCRCD109) Norway
  • Django Festival 9, Hot Club Records 2015 (HCR 199) Norway

A creative force that feeds not from the tangible but from the undescribable

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2016/17 Shows

Pere Soto Django Lunario Mexico DF

Pere Soto recuerda a Django
Feb. 4, 2016, 21:00 h.
Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, México DF
Event website and tickets

Pere Soto & Galaxian Swingers
Abril. 30, 2016, 19:00 h.
Centro Nacional de las Artes (Cenart) México DF
Event website

Pere Soto & Gypsy Project
Agosto. 12, 2016.
Jazz en el Mogor, Ensenada México

European Tour 2017
from May 6 to July 31 2017.
Zaragoza, Barcelona, Birmingham, Amsterdam, etc.

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