Jazz solos transcriptions

Django Reinhardt; Porto Cabello, Impromptu, Dark eyes, Flèche d’or, Melodie Au Crépuscule
other gypsy tunes; La gitane, Fill in guitar, Double Jeau, Vals Argentine
Wes Montgomery; So Do it, Jingles, Grooveyard, SOS
Barney Kessel; Just Friends, Here’s That Rainy Day
Joe Pass; Night and day from Virtuoso I, Limehouse Blues from Virtuoso 4, Lush Life from Virtuoso 4.
others jazz tunes; Ready-able
others gypsy jazz; Bolero, Minor Blues from Bireli Lagrene’s Gypsy Project Yoshi’s 2003 concert.
– Nature Boy of Mozes Rosenberg’s solo
– What a Wonderful World from Jimmy Rosenberg live version at Jimmy Rosenberg is Back (the Paradiso in Amsterdam)
– Cherockee from Jymmy Rosenberg solo transcription From the album Jimmy Rosenberg Trio

Night and day – Joe Pass

Download sample (PDF, 94KB)

Limehouse Blues – Joe Pass

Download sample (PDF, 83KB)

Download sample (PDF, Unknown)

Porto Cabello – Django Reinhardt

Download sample (PDF, Unknown)

Impromptu – Django Reinhardt

Download sample (PDF, 51KB)

Dark eyes – Django Reinhardt solo

Download sample (PDF, 84KB)

Fleche d’or – Django Reinhardt

Download sample (PDF, Unknown)

La gitane – Angelo Debarre solo

Download sample (PDF, 82KB)

La gitane – Joscho Stephan

Download sample (PDF, 105KB)

Fill in guitar – Romane

Download sample (PDF, 73KB)

Double Jeau – Stochelo Rosenberg

Download sample (PDF, 56KB)

Vals Argentine – Fapy Lafertin

Download sample (PDF, 275KB)


So Do it – Wes Montgomery solo

Download sample (PDF, 104KB)

Jingles – Wes Montgomery solo

Download sample (PDF, 114KB)

Grooveyard – Wes Montgomery solo

SOS – Wes Montgomery

Download sample (PDF, 64KB)

Ready-able – Jimmy Smith

Download sample (PDF, 67KB)

Just Friends – Barney Kessel solo

Download sample (PDF, 178KB)

listen on youtube

Here’s That Rainy Day – Barney Kessel solo

Download sample (PDF, 109KB)

listen on youtube

Melodie Au Crépuscule Django Reinhardt Solo transcription (1946)

Download sample (PDF, 44KB)

Django Reinhardt – Melodie Au Crépuscule (1946) youtube

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